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About m-GURUSH

m-GURUSH is South Sudan’s pioneer mobile money service provider that makes it easier for subscribers to send and receive money on different local mobile networks. m-GURUSH will enable you to:

  1. Send money from wherever you are to any local network.
  2. Receive money wherever you are and withdraw money from any m-GURUSH agent countrywide.
  3. Pay bills – Pay for utilities and any bill from the 2,000+ registered retail merchants.

m-GURUSH mobile money will transform the financial service industry in the Republic of South Sudan by working directly with existing Telecommunications Companies operating within the country. The service comes with a key promise of making life easier and better for the customer by giving the people of South Sudan population the ability to send and receive money on their mobile phones in a fast, safe and easy manner.

m-GURUSH Mobile Money has agents throughout the Republic of South Sudan who are responsible for depositing and withdrawal of money. m-GURUSH Mobile Money agents are business entities authorized by Trinity Technologies Ltd to receive and pay out money withdrawn to customers on behalf of m-GURUSH mobile money.

m-GURUSH plays an important role in the E-Money services industry by adding value into the financial services ecosystem of the country, transforming South Sudan into a modern cashless society.

Trinity technology Limited (TTL) is a South Sudan telecommunication company specializing in the design and development of Innovative Financial Services, Online Transactions and Mobile Payment systems.

Trinity Technologies has been granted license by the Central Bank of South Sudan and the National Communication Authority to roll-out Mobile Money and Electronic Payment Services in South Sudan. This Mobile Money Service will be called m-GURUSH Mobile Money.

If you want to directly contact m-GURUSH, you can reach us on 0914000034 or 0914000033.

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Becoming an Agent

Any business that is legally registered in the Republic of South Sudan can apply to become an m-GURUSH Mobile Money Agent.

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