Why you should switch from cash to mobile money services

Why switching from cash to mobile money services

Imagine a time when you can talk uninterrupted with your family and friends without having to go out to top up your airtime. Or a time where you do not have to trek for miles to send money to your loved ones but can do it at the comfort of your home. Have you imagined it? Well, that is now a reality here in South Sudan!

Sending money locally and internationally as well as buying airtime among many other amazing things have never been easier thanks to mobile money services such as m-GURUSH.

Comparable to the likes of M-pesa in Kenya, m-GURUSH is making it easier for South Sudanese people to transact easily and conveniently without requiring a bank account. What’s more, is that there are several ways for you to access these services. From the USSD code *335#  to the m-GURUSH  App to the even more accessible WhatsApp bot, Gurushie.

Why use mobile money Services?

  1. Faster and safer transactions
    Shuttling around town with a bag full of money may be the norm, but it isn’t the safest way. With mobile money, you can have your money on your device and transact wholly through it. What’s more is the fact that you can do it right where you are, making it a fast and efficient option
  2. It connects you with your loved one’s all over the world

    The world is now a global village with the internet and communication platforms that transcend borders. Mobile money services like m-GURUSH extend this aspect to money. You can now send money to friends and loved ones in foreign countries, straight from your phone, helping you stay connected.

  3. Gives you access to money wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

    Have we talked about the convenience and accessibility that sending money from the comfort of your home gives you? You deserve to relax and that’s what m-GURUSH  offers.

Transact through WhatsApp

m-GURUSH has made it even easier for you to access mobile banking. The Gurushie bot allows you to self-register on the m-GURUSH platform wherever you are through Whatsapp. Apart from that, you can also transact through the WhatsApp platform. Whether you want to buy airtime or send money, you can do all these from the WhatsApp platform.

Do you have any queries or concerns? Gurushie, our Artificial Intelligence bot will direct you to our customer care WhatsApp number to get all your questions answered.

How to use WhatsApp to transact on Mgurush

To access the WhatsApp bot, add Gurushie: +211 912 188 811 to your contacts and start chatting with him.

You will get the option to Register yourself with m-GURUSH or Link your existing mobile number to your m-Gurush account or contact the customer care team.

The process is well explained to ensure transactions are easy to make.

Make the switch from cash to convenience, by registering on m-GURUSH today! Chat with Gurushie at  +211 912 188 811 now!

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