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m-GURUSH partners with Australia’s leading mobile remittance platform, Rocket Remit

Last week, m-GURUSH, South Sudan’s fastest way to send and receive money, announced its partnership with Rocket Remit, Australia’s leading mobile remittance pioneer. This increases the various platforms for people abroad to send money to South Sudanese residents straight to their phones.

About Rocket Remit

Rocket Remit is a global leader in the International mobile transfer sector from Australia to emerging markets across Africa, the Asia-Pacific and the Americas. In a statement by mHIT’s CEO Harold Dimpel, “Rocket Remit specialises in international money transfer via mobile money making it the world’s fastest and simplest way for sending money from Australia to emerging markets overseas” It requires only the mobile number of the recipient to address the payment. It is a low-cost way for sending money to countries abroad where people are dependent on upkeep money from friends and family working overseas.

About m-GURUSH

m-GURUSH is South Sudan’s pioneer mobile money platform that offers fast easy and convenient ways to send and receive money across the country. It offers quite a number of solutions:

1) Sending money overseas at the tap of a button with their International remittances solution.
2) Buying airtime straight from your phone wherever you are with the “Buy airtime option”.
3) Allowing you to pay for goods with your phone evn without having a bank account with the “Paybill” option.
4) Paying salaries in bulk conveniently with the “Bulk payments solution”, a solution that is quite convenient to employers with employees all over South Sudan due to limitations in interstate travel.

You can access these services by dialling *355#, downloading the m-GURUSH mobile app or texting “Hi” to Gurushie, our Artificial Intelligence WhatsApp Bot at +211 912 188 811

What this means

One partnership at a time, m-GURUSH is making South Sudan part of the global village, opening it up to more and more opportunities for growth through affordable local and international money transfers as well as efficient solutions like Bulk payment and services for organisations. The future can only be brighter.

For any m-GURUSH questions and queries seek support through:

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Becoming an Agent

Any business that is legally registered in the Republic of South Sudan can apply to become an m-GURUSH Mobile Money Agent.

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